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We need to “Keep Up” as Yogi Bhajan told us. Change is coming fast and shifts are accelerating as we are soon to officially enter the Age of Aquarius sometime around 2012. Let us move together as a whole and Holistic mind, utterly inseparable from each other and the universe. Let us share this inseparability, and the light that it brings, to help humanity and our beautiful planet.

While learning institutions in Western countries teach people almost everything about the world and almost nothing about themSelves, Wisdom traditions from the time of Socrates to the great Eastern traditions have maintained that Self-Awareness is the highest form of human intelligence.

Since the early 1900’s the ruling scientific paradigm has shifted from Material Realism towards Quantum theory. These theories fall squarely in line with the teachings of wisdom traditions and its focus on the Self. The Self or consciousness is known to be the ground of all Creation; The Self and matter are one, not two.

Society as a whole must leave behind the old paradigms of Newtonian and Cartesian physics (Material Realism). The paradigm that matter is reality is no longer relevant for us, clinging to matter creates in us a sense of greed, separation, anxiety, anger, hatred and leads to external manifestations of separation such as war. The outcome of that paradigm is separation and compartmentalisation, removing ourselves from the earth and each other. This is simply erroneous understanding of the nature of reality and science now understands that. Mystics have always understood this. Native Wisdom traditions, shamans, magicians and alchemists have embodied this.  Now it is our turn. Now it is our time to move into a place of no separation, a heart centred way, a shift of consciousness to the fourth chakra: the heart.

At the Holistic Learning Foundation we see that the potential for humans is far greater than we have been condemned to believe for the last 2000 years. In fact the potential for humanity is limitless. We believe positive societal change comes from each individual, each family unit, each community, to create a peaceful spiritual revolution. To “let go” allows for a flood of well being, happiness, peace, confidence and creativity. It is only our habits and our attachment to them that keeps us locked into the old ways.

Experiential practice enhances each individuals or each groups potential for change, giving us the confidence to drop habits that are no longer useful;  Yoga, (with its psycho-physical implications), meditation, selfless service, breathing,  devotion, ancient teachings, story telling, dance, art, music, drama and the deeply empowering skills of growing plants, organic farming methods, permaculture, natural medicine, deep ecology, environmental sustainability are just some of the tools required during this time.

Our aim is to help people help themselves. To empower humans through Holistic Learning styles to reconnect with their innate intuition; their soul, their soil and their society.

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