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In Schools, in groups and communities, as nations and as families the awareness needs to be that all of life is a relationship. Relationship to earth, relationship to the animate world, to the inanimate world, relationship to other people and of course relationship to ourselves. We are everything that we experience, observer and observed are one.

And that is the place that we begin from: observer and observed are one; there is no separation.

We take responsibility for our observations and recognise there is no place for judgement. This is a huge thing to reconsider as a society. No judgement, no fear.  What does that mean for the judicial system?  For the school system of punishment and reward? How will people be punished if they do wrong? How will people know right from wrong if there is no judgement?

Why judge? There is no need at all. It is an exhausting mind process that is no longer relevant. All that judgment does is rob access to our inner guide (God) and feelings. It shows a lack of trust for the soul that resides within. If I don’t resonate with something, my body will lead me to another place. Why judge? Do I not trust my body to leave the situation that doesn’t serve me? Why fear that it won’t do that?

At the moment, society is still very much at the 3rd Chakra level of Manipura; the Solar Plexus and below. Manipura is strength, tenacity, fortitude and courage when aligned with our higher good.  The misaligned lower Chakras of our world today gives us the fear, insecurity, greed, hatred, anger, jealousy, manipulation and control that leads to the inequalities in our world and destruction of our Mother Earth. The shift of consciousness towards 2012 requires us to move into the heart, and into unconditional love and to take responsibility for ourselves and our world.

Please see Zeitgeist the Movie, Zeitgeist Addendum and read some books about society like “Learning from Ladakh”, by Helena Norberg Hodge, and “The Continuum Concept” by Jean Leidloff, the words of Eckart Tolle and so many others, the works of the Resurgence Trust, and Schumacher College, Findhorn Foundation and many others, that are bringing people back into community with each other, and the earth.

We need to begin through conscious conception, conscious parenting, conscious education and learning, and continuous learning. Permaculture, nutrition, creativity, natural medicine, we must empower ourselves with practical wisdom so that we can be pioneers in a new world. We ARE pioneers anyway, the old world isn’t working so let us manifest a new and beautiful world.

All these words are so limited. If you want to hear more, or use our services to help in your school, or group please contact us on

“Tori acquired substantial private and charitable funding and established an allotment for the school. The allotment is used as an integral part of our students Life Skills, Geography, PSHE & C curriculums. She arranged visits to local city farms and began a composting and recycling scheme at our school. Thank you for your enduring and valuable contributions to Turney School. The children and staff will always remember your positivity, sense of fun and "can do" attitude"

Bridie Dorning, Senior Teacher, Pastoral Care, Turney School

"In the few days that we were able to fund her on this work, Tori achieved an incredible amount. She gathered resources and funding for a school wide composting scheme. She wrote our Whole School Food Policy and was instrumental in helping us to regain the Healthy School Status. She advised teachers on PSHE & C an established a bank of planning for SEAL and PSHE & C. Tori is an inspiration to work with and we all learnt so much from her in her time at Swiss Cottage School."

Maisie Sammon, Deputy Head Teacher, Swiss Cottage School.
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