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Our utter connection to the earth and the cosmos; The sanctity that we place in our bodies and our minds must translate into the “outside world”. There is no difference between the internal and external world at all. Our sensitivity and our consciousness must be elevated to experience and live in a way to reflect this union.

Our bodyminds and the earth. All that is manifest in the universe is made of matter, made of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air, ether.

FOOD is the Earth element

Food created from the Suns energy to sustain all life, created from the inanimate; minerals, soil, water, sun, alchemised into plant matter and taken in by us.  The food we eat BECOMES us, becomes our chemical composition, and therefore our emotions, our mind, our thoughts, feelings, actions, all that we think we are. There is a Sanskrit prayer that goes:

Brahmapanam Brahma havire
Brahmagni brahmana hota
Brahmai tan Gantabyam
Bratma Karma Samadhinah
This Ritual is God, the food is God
We who are offering the food are God
The fire of Hunger is also God
All Karma is God. We who know this may find God

The food that is the most efficient access to the ultimate energy of the sun, is plant food that derives its energy directly from the inanimate. Unless we live a life totally in tune with nature (indigenous peoples), it is significantly better for our bodies to have a plant based diet. For an urban life, the impact of meat eating on the mind is not useful in anyway. In fact it is detrimental on the mind due to the energetic density of the food, and because we take on the emotions and hormones of the animal when we eat it, thus we ingest the suffering the animal goes through during and before death. Coupled with the environmental impact of the meat industry:

-an omnivore uses 10x as many resources compared to a vegan per person. Having a plant based diet is the best thing that we can do as an individual to cut down our greenhouse gas consumption.

It utter Holistic sense to have a diet based on plants.

If you have any questions on this or would like a consultation with our Naturopath on conscious, healthy and vibrant eating please contact her directly 

WATER: is the water element

Our bodies are over 75% water. Pure clean water is essential. Even 5% dehydration reduces the mental capacities of the brain. So simply drink water.  And don’t encourage dehydration through alcohol consumption and caffeine consumption. Alcohol has a very dark energy and alters the spiritual purity of the body. Alcohol should only be used as sacrament or occasionally for medicinal purposes.

When we buy organic produce we are ensuring the purity of our water supply, by not contributing to pesticide and fertiliser use. When we ensure that we don’t waste any water we are showing our care, consciousness and reverence for this element in us and in the world. Most wars fought in the future will be over water, and already drought, flooding and water contamination affect much of the world. Knowing there is no separation, we are intimately connected to each other and the earth, in fact we ARE each other. Save water, save humanity.

SUN: is the fire element

Giver of Life, revered throughout the ages. It is to be cherished. Every day break signals a new beginning. Begin each day in prayer and utter gratitude.

Electricity and Gas; switch to eco brands that source from renewables. Its so simple, so do it.

The energy that you get from your plant based food, the fire in your belly that yearns for food and drives you forward needs to be revered and cherished. This is the Navel Point, the core of the body, the Solar Plexus. It is where all yoga, all life begins and ends. We unravel as a foetus from the beginning navel point, and separate from our mothers at the navel point. This is the beginning of separation, the beginning of the ego, and unchecked the navel point engenders selfishness, manipulation, control, greed, and negative power. Consciously checked, strengthened and empowered  through centering practices like yoga and meditation we use our power for all, for the Whole and not for the old paradigm of separation.

BREATH: is the  Air element

We are the air we breathe. We share every single breath we take with everyone and everything in creation. We are utterly inseparable. So breathe.

Watch the breath, observe the breath, be the breath. Sit in silence and watch the breath.

“Slowly I wade in a brook and extinguish its sound” Zen Koan

It is not the amount of days we live but the amount of breaths we take the account for our number of days on earth. So learn to breathe. Practice Yoga and meditation.

The air we breathe is us, so what can we do? Ride a bicycle, take public transport, get a smaller car, buy less, buy second hand, because everything that is manufactured requires transportation, factory production and consumption of resources. Use Eco energy suppliers so not to contribute to green house gases.


Ether comes from the Greek word Ethos which means the “state of being” the original essence. Everything that is manifest in creation first appears in the Ether. How do we revere that which is unknown and unseen? Meditation, prayer and humility.

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